I’ve been asked about the name ’87Solutions’ and the origin of the logo.

In Chinese culture, the number 8 means ‘to prosper’ and the number 7 means ‘togetherness’ or ‘arise’. I want this business to prosper but also for my clients to prosper in their own businesses by making certain their most important tools – the computer and website – are functioning. By working with you (togetherness) in an atmosphere of integrity and determination, both of us will prosper and be able to continue doing what we do best.

87Solutions is not just another ‘solutions’ business which tries to sell clients on products services they may or may not need. We find the Best Solutions to resolve your most immediate problems.

There are many reasons why a computer, a software application or a website is not working. But there can be more than one solution in resolving these issues. Just like a Swiss Army knife –  multiple blades, multiple solutions. 87Solutions – multiple facets, multiple solutions to tackle your needs and issues. Let us apply our expertise to your business needs!


Let us know how we can be of Service to You!

Contact: brad.apling@87Solutions.net