Bradley AplingHi! I’m Bradley Apling, owner of 87Solutions.

I was not born with a computer in my hands nor was I creating software apps in my teens. My original path was English Literature and then Journalism, where I learned to construct words to better inform the reader. This effort was made possible by my work in Audio-Visual operations, which was how I paid my way through college on the way to getting a Bachelor of Arts in Communications. That has since been followed by a Masters of Science in Information and  Telecommunications Systems with a minor in Business.

After my Bachelor degree, I spent the next several years involved in the staging and operation of all types of audio-visual equipment for university classes and graduation ceremonies, receptions, gubernatorial events, concerts, conferences, symposiums and theater productions as well as keeping all of the equipment ‘ship shape’ and ready. That path took me into establishing and maintaining a software and documentation library for a large company and then, dipping my hands into the guts of computers. Up until that time, I had been a typical user – first on a Texas Instrument 99/4A followed by a Apple Macintosh SE; never seeing what was inside the shell but always curious and playing around with the software. Then I started delving into the Windows side while still keeping a hand on the Mac side, exploring and learning more about what made computers work (and not work!) and how they interacted with each other. My world has not been the same since.

Systems Integration? Yes!

Operating Systems? Those too!

Software and component testing? Positively!

Data Retrieval? Always a good challenge.

Data Backup? Definitely!

Resolving why something doesn’t work or the strange error message that appears infrequently? Absolutely!

Disaster Recovery Planning? Wouldn’t be without it.

Cleanup malware and spyware on Websites? Love being a detective and solving that kind of crime!

Providing Clear and Concise Documentation to end users? Technical Proposals? You bet. I was, after all, a Communications major!

Creating original Website Content? {see the previous response} 🙂

In case you’re wondering where I received all this wonderful and invaluable experience, I have worked at or with the following: Federal Aviation Administration, Florida International University, Dept. of Transportation, Dept. of Treasury, Johns Hopkins University, LBJ Foundation, Texas Office of the Governor, University of Texas, NCR, United States Postal Service, Booz Allen Hamilton, several non-profit organizations and medical offices. I continue to provide service, support and consultation to many of them.

At 87Solutions, we treat all personal and sensitive information on any system that we work on with the highest level of Confidentiality, Integrity and Safety.

If we can assist you, please let us know. We are happy to be of service!

Contact me: brad.apling@87Solutions.net